I’m Eavan Fitzsimons. I help people achieve their health, diet and lifestyle goals.

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I am a qualified Nutrition and Health Coach (International Institute of Nutrition and Health) and have a lifelong passionate interest in Nutrition. I am motivated,  positive, healthy, energetic, forward looking and a food loving person.

I worked for 10 years as a Performance Coach with a Scottish Competitive Swimming Club. My experience includes coaching Elite Athletes at Regional, National and International Level. My experience also includes coaching the Scottish National Youth Swimming Squad for international competitions. As a Performance Coach, I have always emphasised the importance of Nutrition which in my view holds an equal value to the daily intensive physical training schedule of the Elite Athlete. 

The importance of eating the correct food, for me, began at a very early age. I was diagnosed a Coeliac when I was 6 months old and blessed that my diagnoses was identified early. I am lucky that my parents sought out the support and help I needed to make growing up with this condition as easy and as normal as possible. The support, guidance and education I received growing up is what focused my attention in choosing nourishing, good, healthy (and exciting) food.

My interest in Nutrition and Health intensified In 2008 when I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. Believe it or not, I was extremely lucky that my Cancer was discovered during a routine medical procedure, in a hospital which is the Centre of Excellence in Europe for Bowel Cancer Research. I feel very fortunate my tumour was found in time and very lucky to have made a full recovery.  

As a Nutrition and Health Coach I continue to emphasis the importance of Nutrition in everyday living. My passion is to help clients achieve their health, diet and lifestyle goals. 

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You can’t control what goes on outside, but you can control what goes on inside.

Some of the dietary and lifestyle recommendations I can help you with...


Improve Digestive Health

I can help you to adapt and make changes to the diet to alleviate digestive distress and restore gut health.


Address Pain and Inflammation

I can help to lower pain and inflammation, starting with a healthier lifestyle.


Reduce Cholesterol

Lifestyle changes are effective in helping reduce cholesterol through diet and exercise.


Improve Weight Control

No more dieting or calorie counting. Get control of your health. Lose weight by eating real and exciting food.


Improve Immunity

Exercise is important. Immune supportive nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are key.


Improve Sleep

Small changes in lifestyle can improve the quality of sleep.


Increase Energy

Boost energy naturally by eating the correct foods. Manage stress, reduce workload, exercise, and eat for energy.


Reduce Stress

Implement positive changes to restore balance and wellness. Good nutrition and good quality sleep are essential.