What Clients Are Saying

“Before contacting Eavan, I tried all the standard diets to lose weight and combat fatigue but never found one that worked for me. Eavan’s initial advice “One Size Does Not Fit All “was a huge relief and gave me renewed hope. Her attention to detail and willingness to discuss different plans and lifestyle choices, suitable and tailored to my needs was a light bulb moment! The follow up management offered by Eavan felt like a real team effort and ensured I stayed with the plan and on track. Thanks, a thousand Eavan. I am delighted to write this testimonial for you and have no hesitation in recommending Nourish Me. A highly professional, efficient and results driven business.”

Michael R, 54, Nurse, Cork City.

"I approached Eavan at Nourish Me following a recommendation from a friend. Although generally a fit and healthy person my blood pressure was raised following a stressful time in my life. I needed some guidance on how to go about improving my diet and lifestyle with a driven goal to lower my blood pressure and stress levels. Eavan was excellent in her approach. Eavan was a constant help in keeping me focused and I feel that I can maintain the progress I have made. I also feel more energised and healthier overall. I would have no hesitation to recommend Nourish Me to others.”

Paul C, Financial Consultant, Kilkenny

"Acting on Eavan's advice I have seen huge changes in my health. I have more energy and therefore have been able to exercise more. My fitness levels have increased which has resulted in a weight loss which I am successfully maintaining. Since starting the Gluten Free Diet there is immense improvement in my joints. Thank you Eavan for setting me on the right path. I knew what I needed to do. I had the determination to do it but I clearly did not know how. I wish I had met you earlier!"

Carla, Special Needs Teacher, Co. Offaly.

“I suffered from heartburn after eating my evening meal. It was painful and persistent. It prevented me from getting a good night’s sleep. I had just started a new job involving shift work and long hours and my mealtime routine was disrupted. I wasn’t eating regularly and could end up fasting all day. I had complained to a friend who put me in touch with Eavan. Eavan asked for specific details around my eating habits and lifestyle. She identified very quickly the cause of my heartburn. Based on our discussions, Eavan provided great straightforward advice which I found easy to understand and implement. She provided a plan to implement a better eating routine especially around shift work. Eavan also provided me with a detailed nutrition plan with simple effortless recipes. Within 3 – 4 weeks my heartburn was gone. I stopped taking Gaviscon. My mood improved, and I was sleeping happily for up to 8 - 9 hours. It is amazing what you can achieve by changing simple daily habits. Thank you Eavan!”

James D, 32, Civil Servant, Wicklow.

“My first consultation with Eavan was in February 2020. I was struggling to balance a busy hectic family life with a stressful job. After initial assessment of my lifestyle choices, she made practical recommendations for change in my diet. She gave helpful and positive easy tips on how to deal with stress and anxiety. Eavan also suggested ways how to introduce physical activity as part of my daily routine. With gradual changes over a few months, I feel healthier and energised and have even notice improvement in the condition of my hair, skin and nails. Eavan has a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and was very thorough and professional while dealing with my specific nutritional and health needs in a very sensitive and caring manner.”

Jane B, 48, Social Worker, Bristol, UK.

“Eavan was a performance coach at Garioch Swimming Club for 10 years. In 2016 she took over as Head Coach for four years. During this time we were recognized as one of the most successful clubs in Scotland. During her tenure, Eavan introduced the importance of healthy eating habits and nutrition to the club and its athletes running a number of seminars for both the swimmers and their parents. The sessions proved invaluable and we have continued to follow her guidelines since she moved on to establish Nourishme.ie”

Iain Chirnside, President, Garioch Swimming Club.

“I have always had sensitive skin and suffered from eczema as a child, progressed to dermatitis on my hands and more recently it spread to my face. The stress of my skin was getting to me, I started to slack on my diet, I started to feel bloated after certain meals and I was constantly fatigued. When I discussed this with Eavan, she took the time to get to know me and my eating habits in depth before producing a really detailed plan. This demonstrated areas of my diet I could improve, suggestions of what could be causing the issues and what foods to avoid, she suggested anti-inflammatory foods and supplements that would help clear my skin and so much more. Eavan was extremely knowledgeable in her field of nutrition and provided a top class personal service where I completed trusted her instinct and guidance. After trying out her suggestions, I can honestly say that despite getting the odd dry patch here and there, my skin is glowing, I’m so much happier and more confident in my own skin. I am no longer constantly tired, and I know exactly what foods make me feel bloated and know to avoid them. I have learnt the importance of nutrition and how fuelling your body well on the inside, will have such a positive impact on the outside too, all thanks to Eavan.”

Máiréad M, 25, Digital Marketing Co-Ordinator, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.